Understanding Amazing Siamese Cat Behavior and How to Litter Train them at Home- January 2024

Are you planning to adopt a feline friend to give you company? Many names may pop up when you look for a suitable cat to adopt. Siamese is one that you must not ignore at any cost among these many breeds.

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Siamese cat behavior is as distinctive as their look with beautiful coat colors. But these cats also come with a strong personality. Anyone who has previously owned a Siamese can vouch for their admirable behavior. Siamese must be on their list if anyone is looking for a lap cat who loves attention. This article will serve as your Siamese Cat Behavior guide and how you can understand their personality traits.

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Siamese Cat Behavior Traits


Siamese is one of the oldest cats, which makes them have higher intelligence levels than others. They have a curious nature and love to explore every nook and corner of the house. Because of Siamese cat behavior, the home must be full of activities. You can get a cat maze, scratching posts, and interactive toys in your house.

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They love to observe through windows, and you may want to install cat perches and shelves so they do not get bored. Siamese cat behavior makes them easy to train, and many trainers use clickers to make them learn tricks and behaviors.

how to litter train Siamese cat


Siamese cat behavior is questionable for many, especially those with children at home. They are considered aggressive; however, it is quite the opposite. These pet breeds are very social and extroverted. They are outgoing and have loyalty in their genes. Many pet breeders categorize them to be as loyal as most of the dogs.

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Because of Siamese cat’s vocal behavior, people call them meezers, meaning they have a loud and low-pitched voice. Many owners who already have a Siamese say that they often keep on talking, thinking that humans can understand them. Sometimes, your Siamese cat may even scold you if you ignore them.

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Siamese are a very healthy breed with an average lifespan of around 15-20 years. Some cats may even live past the average lifespan. A few Siamese may suffer from amyloidosis, a disease of the liver, dental disease, and asthma. Most Siamese breeders scan the kittens for any health issues, but once you get them, it is vital to continue their health screening.

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Most of the fancy cat breeds have long shedding hair. Siamese also differ since they have a short and non-shedding coats. These cats do not need much grooming and combing. All you need to do is comb them weekly and clear their eyes and ears. Nail trimming is something that they will require. If you want, you can brush their coat, but there is a need to do that.

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Siamese cat behavior is playful and needs more care and attention than other breeds. So, you need to ensure they have many play opportunities around them. Buy fun gifts, interactive toys, and cat trees. You must also add some time for play every day. These cats are intelligent and easy to train. However, they like to do stuff their way.

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Will your Home be a Perfect Fit for Siamese?

Siamese is a breed loved by all, and everyone thinks of these cats first when planning to adopt a cat. The thing that makes them unique is their slender body with a unique color and coat, which makes them appealing to the human eye. Not only are these cats physically appealing, but they have a vibrant personality too. These cats never let go of any chance to make their presence felt at home.

Siamese cats crave companionship and are friendly-natured. They will always call out for their attention so much that most people call this Siamese cat behavior clingy. Other than this, most of the Siamese cats are vocal as well. So, if you plan to adopt one of them, you must be ready for the loud noise in your home.

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Siamese Cat Aggressive Behavior

Siamese cat behavior is popular for being lovable and docile. However, you never want to get on the mean side of these cats. One of the reasons to see the worst side of Siamese cat behavior is jealousy. As mentioned before, they crave attention, and if they are ignored then they may throw tantrums like kids. They may even assert dominance through force, a common Siamese personality trait.

When your Siamese kitten is aggressive, they may display behavioral problems such as biting, scratching, and attacking. However, such a reaction is expected when they feel scared. If you see your kitten showing these signs, then it is better to investigate the root cause behind the aggression.

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Siamese Cat Feeding Behavior

Like other cat breeds, Siamese are carnivores, so their food must include proteins. Adding omega 6 and 3 is essential for their diet as well. Naturally, the Siamese have slender physiques, and gaining weight is unhealthy. Unhealthy eating habits in Siamese can make them obese and diabetic.

It is also essential to know that these cats have a sensitive stomach. Therefore, whenever you choose any food for them, just ensure it is easily digestible. Other than food, access to clean drinking water is essential for them. If your cat is not drinking water, you can replace the diet with wet food to compensate for the water requirement.

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Siamese Cat Behavior Training

Siamese cats are intelligent and quick to learn (thanks to their curious nature!). But, at the same time, they are also mischievous and can make you sweat when you want to train them. For instance, your regular Siamese cat behavior may include knocking down things if they feel you are ignoring them.

Their mischief is one of the reasons that pet experts suggest training them when they are kittens. Like dogs, they can learn how to come and sit on command. It helps to keep their bad behavior at bay and will also help you to develop an attachment with them.

You can also train your feline to do fun tricks or even fetch a toy with the help of a clicker. Always remember to use positive reinforcement so that they will also be keen on learning new things. Whenever you teach them a trick, and they follow your command, give them a treat. Such an act will motivate them to follow the command promptly next time.

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How to Give Siamese Cat Litter Box Training

Most kittens are taught how to use the litter box by their mothers. However, if you have just adopted a kitten, finding it hard to know ‘where to go,’ then you must retrain them. You must start litter box training when you bring your pet home.

Setting up the litter box is essential for Siamese cat behavior training. You must know that the litter box’s location is permanent, and once you have set it, you must not move it. Allow your cat to smell the box and examine it. Siamese are brilliant creatures who will quickly understand the box’s purpose.

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The next step is to observe them. If your kitten is crouching near the box, you must pick them up and put them in the box. Such practice will help them know they must do their stuff inside the box. Also, ensure that they have privacy when they poo or pee. Giving treats to your Siamese cat after they use the litter box will motivate them to do so every time. You must continue with the positive reinforcement tactics until your kitten learns to develop this as a habit.

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Is Siamese Cat Toilet Training Possible?

Siamese cats are quick learners and can even learn how to use the loo just like humans do. Many owners have successfully learned the secret of toilet training Siamese cats. One of the positive aspects of toilet training your cat is that you get rid of the hassle of cleaning litter boxes. Moreover, your home will also be clear of the foul odor from the litter boxes.

Toilet training your Siamese kitten may be possible, but it is not easy. If you plan to toilet train your cat, you must be patient and consistent. These are the two keys to successfully achieving what you plan to do. Also, remember that your Siamese cat may even be mischievous and throw tantrums if they feel they are being forced.

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Siamese Cat Training Tips

  • To successfully litter training your cat, you can limit their access to the entire house. You must place the litter box in the desired location and then confine your kitten to that room.
  • Next, you must not leave food and treats around for your cat. It also messes up their feeding schedule and their pooping and peeing schedule. Fixing a feeding schedule will make Litter Training Siamese Cats more manageable for you and your cat.
  • Ensure you keep the litter box far away from areas where your cats eat and sleep.
  • Cats are the cleanest creatures and are picky about their cleanliness. You must create a cleaning schedule for the litter boxes. Clean the clumps daily and wash the litter boxes at least once a week. A dirty litter box can mess up their toilet training habits.
  • Your cat must be able to access the litter box easily, and therefore, you must place it in an easy-to-reach area. Avoid placing the litter box on a higher ground or in a busy place.
  • If your house has more than one cat, place more litter boxes.

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Siamese cat behavior

Final Thoughts

Siamese cat behavior is easy to maintain, making the perfect companions. If you are looking for lap cats that love attention, these are the right breed to adopt. They also have minimal grooming needs, making it perfect if you find brushing your cats a hassle.

These felines are easy to train since they are highly observant and intelligent. However, sometimes their attitude may make it difficult for you to teach them new tricks. You can use the positive reinforcement technique if you wish to litter-train them. Patience will be your friend when you start training your cat.

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